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 Georgina Alice (b.1993) is an American and British contemporary realism artist who specializes in body-diverse figurative oil paintings bringing beauty and elegance to the parts of us we often try to hide. Her paintings are a statement against traditional beauty standards for an all-inclusive message we all need reminding of, we are all beautiful and we are all art, just as we are, despite what other people try to tell us. Her work is walking on the fine line between defiance and beauty with intersectional feminist theory as the driving force behind her deeply intentional art. 


She grew up in Colorado and moved to Virginia to study at Hollins University for her undergraduate degree, where she graduated with honours. Georgina Alice currently resides in Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

She has sold personal work worldwide and taught art classes in Virginia, Colorado, Oregon, and the UK. In addition, Georgina Alice also works with clients and on various commissions and projects.

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