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Where to begin?

I have been reading lots of art books lately attempting to navigate how to make this whole "artist thing" work. Within my readings I have read a lot about how starting an art blog can be extremely beneficial. Not only for the artist to have a specific place to put their thoughts and feelings but also for people to get to know the person behind the work.

I often go back and forth between feeling confident and having a lot of doubt. Within my doubt of whether people would even want to read what I have to write I posted on my social media pages asking people what they would be interested in reading about and what they would benefit from.

My good friend Karima messaged me with lots of things that would interest her to read about and asked me what kind of blog I was thinking about having - whether it would be instructional, or discussing art. To which I said "I have no idea lol. What would be interesting to read?"

She told me that she thinks it is the reverse of that. If I am passionate about what I am writing about then the reader will feel that. Which I understand within the context of my art. I have created a lot of art over my lifetime, some being an illustration of something I thought would be universally enjoyed and therefore sell more prints, and paintings that come deep from my soul and thoughts. Needless to say creating from the soul and what I am passionate is always responded to higher than things I am not too bothered about.

So it had me thinking - how did I not see this before? Karima is absolutely right and thank you to pointing that out to me as I learned that within my art I need to be true to my voice above all but still didn't put that frame of mind into my writing.

So here we are, my first blog post.

Where will this blog go from here? It will probably be as diverse as my art is and I will try my best to be vulnerable throughout it all. I also feel like I need to write the blog I wish I read years ago. About all of the ups and downs of being an artist trying to make it a full time job and all the joy, love, pressure, and anxiety that comes with it. I wanted to title my blog "the blank canvas" because each time I write it will be the same as starting a new painting - it can be anything I want it to be.

Let this new path in my journey and dream of being a full time artist begin.

Lots of love,

Georgina Alice

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